Eagle 98.1 Rockstar Search: “Battle of the Louisiana Bands” Spotlights Local Talent with Leif Meche Taking Top Honors


BATON ROUGE, LA — The “Battle of the Louisiana Bands,” orchestrated by Eagle 98.1 in conjunction with Live Nation and local partners, has crowned its champion. Leif Meche of Lafayette emerged victorious, securing the coveted opening slot for The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band at the River Center Theatre on July 13th.

“When I was asked why we chose Leif, I said, ‘The sound that came from that stage from the only 3-member band in the contest was unreal. The natural talent there was unmistakable, along with the soulful vocals and dripping blues-infused guitar sound. It seemed a perfect fit for Kenny,'” shared Michelle Southern of Eagle 98.1.

Originally sparked by Jimmie Vaughan’s tour cancellation due to cancer, Ken Shepherd, Kenny’s father and a respected radio DJ in Shreveport, initiated the search for a local replacement. Collaborating with the River Center and Eagle 98.1, they launched a statewide call for bands, receiving submissions from across Louisiana.

“We received submissions from all over the state,” Southern explained. “After careful consideration, we selected five finalists: Leif Meche of Lafayette, Gypsy LaBlue from Allen Parish (based in Elizabeth, Louisiana), Zizzi from New Iberia, Petty Betty from Baton Rouge, and Tommy G & Stormy Weather from Morgan City.”

These bands faced off at The Texas Club on June 21st, performing before a packed house of 400-500 enthusiastic music lovers. Judges, including Matt Moscona, Cade Voisin, Jimmy Brooks, and Michelle Southern, evaluated each band based on musicality, performance, and audience reaction.

“All of the bands were outstanding,” Southern remarked. “It was truly a gumbo pot of all types of music that we all got to enjoy that night.”

Following intense performances, Leif Meche clinched the top spot with a score of 114, narrowly edging out Gypsy LaBlue with 112 points and Petty Betty with 111 points.

“We’re thrilled to have Leif Meche join us as the opening act for The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band,” said Southern. “This opportunity not only showcases the incredible talent in Louisiana but also reaffirms our commitment to supporting local music.”

For more information about the “Battle of the Louisiana Bands” and upcoming events, visit Eagle981.com and stay tuned to Eagle 98.1 for the latest updates.


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