Remembering our friend James Gilmore

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The Guaranty Family is grieving the loss of James Gilmore who lost his life today after a lengthy battle with cancer.

He began his broadcast career in Columbus, Georgia back in 1990 on the Top 40 Station WCGQ, and in 1999 he moved to Baton Rouge where he began working for Guaranty Media. James worked every shift at 100.7 The Tiger at some point or another, and could be seen often around town hosting and emceeing concerts and events.“James was a consummate professional,” says Guaranty Media General Manager Gordy Rush. “He loved the radio business, but his true passion was local music. His Made In Tiger Country Show won numerous awards and will always be a part of his legacy. He was loved dearly by his team at Guaranty Media.”

James also played Santa Claus every Christmas and would send video messages as Santa to kids in our area. He was loved by more people than one can begin to imagine.

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“James was an incredible man who always looked at things from the positive side of life,” says Guaranty President and CEO Flynn Foster in an email to staff. “He showed me and I hope you incredible dignity and courage as he battled his cancer. I can’t recall a time that he complained or said why me.”

James won the 2020 Lifetime Achievement award from the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters and was an incredibly positive influence on everyone he came in contact with.

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“James was such a positive light despite the fact that he was battling something so very dark. He took me under his wing when I joined the Guaranty Media family 3 years ago, which I am forever grateful for, ” says 100.7 The Tiger Music Director Abby Leigh. “He was always so encouraging not only of my radio career, but my music career as well. He was the best Work Dad I have ever had. I will miss him every day.”


“It’s hard to put into words how much I loved James, or even how I feel losing someone that made such an impact on my life,” says 100.7 The Tiger Off the Record host Brittany Rose. “James is one of the main reasons why I love country music so much. l would love listening to all of James’ stories about his life, and all the different artists he got to meet. James was more than a coworker, he was family. I even used to call him “Father Radio” because he was a great mentor for me.

Rest in Peace James, we will miss your passion, energy and light every day.


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